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Take time now...to breathe deeply...and let go.

Paul Michael Meredith, Composer




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About Me

I've reached a point in my life where more than ever I want my creative efforts to mean something more than making a living. To make a difference not just for entertainment's sake, but to have a lasting positive effect on the people I come in contact with.

Over the years I've thought a lot about what success means to me as an artist and now I think of it like this. Am I connecting? Am I doing what I can to bring more beauty into the world? Well now, after a long period of writer's block and frustration I once again feel that I am. Having discovered the writings of Rumi, Henry David Thoreau, and so many others, I feel blessed, renewed and deeply moved as I incorporate their inspirational works into my music and love of nature. It feels good to be working again.

May you find beauty in the quotations, the nature videos, the music and most importantly--in yourself as you explore this website. Peaceful music...peace of mind.

Blessings, Paul



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